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Hurricane HQ: Potential Tropical Cyclone 1 and two other disturbances

Potential Tropical Cyclone One formed Monday and is on its way to being the first named storm of the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season. Over the next few days, it will bring flooding rain to much of the Texas Gulf Coast, where a Tropical Storm Warning has been posted.

Forecasters are also closely watching a disturbance near the Bahamas that could impact the Southeast coast later this week, as well as another potential disturbance in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico that is expected to move slowly northward or northwestward. 

Dangerous heat wave takes hold of northeastern US

heat wave is tightening its grip on the northern tier of the country, with life-threatening weather expected from the Midwest to the Northeast. The highest temperatures in years are expected as heat alerts cover millions from Iowato Maine.

Watch this: Company building homes to withstand hurricanes

A company in Florida is building homes that are supposed to be able to stand up to the ferocity of a Category 5 hurricane.

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