Before becoming a successful country star, Reba McEntire, born in southern Oklahoma, grew up in the small town of Chockie. She comes from a long line of ranchers and rodeo participants, and as the middle child among four siblings, she often fought for attention, especially from her father, who never told his children he loved them. Her sister described their father as a tough cowboy who openly expressed his thoughts and was considered cruel by today’s standards.Despite her father’s skepticism about her hobbies like basketball and barrel racing, McEntire excelled in these activities, though she admitted singing was her true talent, discovered at age five. McEntire, 68, was also married to TV producer Narvel Blackstock for 26 years, with whom she had a son, Shelby Blackstock, a race car driver. Narvel’s request for a divorce, coupled with his new relationship with one of McEntire’s friends, left her blindsided and heartbroken.

However, McEntire found love again with actor Rex Linn. Initially uninterested in dating post-divorce, McEntire reconnected with Linn in 2020. They had first met in 1991 while working on “The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw.” Their relationship blossomed after Linn invited her to dinner, and they have been inseparable since. McEntire expressed her happiness and called Linn the “love of [her] life,” cherishing the small, caring gestures that define their relationship.

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