Julie Poole, a self-proclaimed spiritual guru, has built a career sharing her teachings despite a traumatic past marked by physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse. This adversity, she claims, led to her spiritual awakening and personal empowerment.

Poole is open about her experiences, often writing about them. She recently shared details of a near-death experience following a suicide attempt in her 20s. After overdosing on medication, Poole believes she entered a “spirit realm” resembling heaven, where she encountered guides and angels. They informed her it wasn’t her time to die and that she had a purpose to fulfill.

Returning to her earthly form three days later, Poole retained vivid memories of the spirit realm’s message. They foretold a new ‘Golden Age’ for humanity between 2012 and 2032, characterized by the fall of corruption and the rise of equality. She explained that this period would see the end of power, abuse, and control held by a few, replaced by truth and justice.

Firm in her belief, Poole asserts that a “day of reckoning” is near, where corrupt leaders will be exposed and removed, paving the way for those with pure hearts and intentions to lead.

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